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ROANOKE, Alabama – SteelFab Inc. plans to expand its structural steel facility in east Alabama with a $23.6 million project that will create over 30 jobs and position the plant for future growth, according to the Randolph County Economic Development Authority.

The company, one of the nation’s leading fabricator of structural steel, selected the Roanoke plant for the expansion over sites in South Carolina and Virginia.

As part of the project, SteelFab will expand the plant’s Heavy Fab building by 40,000 square feet, add 11,000 square feet to an existing paint bay, enlarge a break room, and expand the laydown yard by 10 acres. It will also purchase new machinery and equipment.

“This project will bring in revenue to Randolph County, the City of Roanoke, and create jobs for the people in this area. It will be a win-win for everyone,” SteelFab plant manager Joey     Whaley said.